Vision Statement

Introducing people to Jesus

In Kirkheaton Parish, we have a vision for introducing as many people as possible to Jesus. This is summarised in our Vision Statement, which is based on five key questions:

    Number 1


    Who are we? 

    Number 2


    Why do we exist?

    Number 3


    Where are we heading?

    Number 4


    How will we get there?

    Number 5


    How do we organise ourselves to get where we want to be? 

    Our Vision Statement

    We are a community of people in Kirkheaton, Dalton and Grange Moor, who have discovered that God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – is real, that he loves the world he created, and that we can have a relationship with him. We have therefore asked God into our lives, to live within us as our Lord and Saviour.

    We live to worship God, to try to become more like him in the way we live, and to share his message of love, and salvation through Jesus, with our communities.

    We want to grow as a church, so that more and more people can themselves discover and begin a relationship with God.

    We do this by being completely open to the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit, by coming before God in prayer both individually and together, and by obedience to his commands as revealed through his written word, the Bible.

    We are one church, who gather for worship in two buildings: St John the Baptist’s, Kirkheaton, and St Bartholomew’s, Grange Moor. However, we seek not to stay in those buildings, but to take God’s love, in word and action, out to the communities we live in and serve.